Joshua Monk Vanwyck brings over 10 years of building science, sustainable building design, facilitation and retrofit experience to each of his projects.

With experience in academic, institutional, residential and public buildings across Canada, the USA, France, Germany, Switzerland, China and Afganistan, he is able to integrate a wide range of concepts and approaches to achieve the goals of the project. His experience allows him to see multiple perspectives and engage stakeholders to ensure the design reflects the true nature of the project.

His approach is to deeply understand the goals of the project and find solutions that meet those goals. There are no prescriptive solutions. Collaboration, a deep understanding of building science, human comfort, climate, and client needs drives the design approach that Joshua uses.

Joshua worked with Transsolar GmbH in Germany as a Senior Project Manager. His experience in Europe and with Transsolar exposed him to over 150 projects. 

JMV Consulting continues to collaborate with Transsolar on larger projects when additional expertise or capacity is desired. This makes our team more agile while ensuring the highest quality of work.